86 Months: Aug 8, 2021

By August 8, 2021 Journey

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”


Two months ago I was counting the days until I could be back on the boat dock at the lake after a 2 year hiatus, with the only eagerly awaited change being to escape the heat. One month ago I spontaneously boarded an airplane traveling north to my original home to see if I was ready to return after a 10 year diversion. One week ago I arrived at the lake. Two days ago I had a new home ready to become mine, and my old home the aspiration of multiple others ready to make it theirs. One month from now I will start a new chapter, in a new place, that is part of an old place. A whirlwind of unplanned chaos waiting for the pieces to fall back into place, old patterns soon to be broken, new patterns waiting to emerge. I am uncharacteristically calm, for tonight I know that I can go to the boat dock. The lake. Two fingers of bourbon. The sunset. New adventures just over the horizon. 86 months have passed. I am ready for more change.

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  • Mickey and Sumer says:

    Our entire family (and many, many others) impatiently await your return with love and joy…..

  • Vicki Gabriel says:

    My divided heart, joy and sadness, prepare for you to leave “home” yet return “home”. Sadness connected us 86 months ago, JOY and love will connect us forever ?

  • Shelley Friend 512-781-5081 says:

    Oh, wow, Lisa. I’m so so excited for you. But, I’ll miss you oh so much. I do hope we can keep in touch. You are such a bright light in my life and I treasure the time we’ve had together. Big Big Big hugs!

    I have a new number: 512-7781-5081. I know you are slammed but if you have a second, I’d love to chat. But, I certainly understand if you can’t. We will always have A60S!!! ???❤️❤️❤️???