Losing a child takes away our world. It catapults us on a journey for which there are seemingly no words. My name is Lisa Kurek. My journey started in June 2014 when my beautiful 23 year old daughter was suddenly gone. When we suffer a traumatic loss, time becomes both our worst enemy and best friend.  I felt a visceral need to mark time as I found myself staring into grief’s abyss.  From some indescribable place deep inside came my “Musings of a Bereaved Mom”.

The words aren’t mine alone. They are gleaned from the countless other heroes I meet every day who walk a similar path. These musings are my trail of breadcrumbs, marking my journey. I share them in the hope that others stumbling through their own grief may find their footing, that others fearing the worst remember to breathe, and to honor every shred of beauty I can hold from the 23 years I had to share with my amazing girl.

Click on the photos below to read the text that marks each step of My Journey.

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