42 Months: Dec 8, 2017

By December 9, 2017 Journey

“Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours.”


Tis the season.  With every nutcracker that leers at me from a window, and every bar of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy that wafts past me, my heart momentarily seizes.  If I am honest, I must accept the fact that it will never again be filled with the kind of joy that each year of pink satin and false eyelashes brought. So I hold on tight, and take a breath, and when I exhale I remind myself that the visions that dance in my head are real if I leave my heart open to yours.

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  • Mickey says:

    I’ll be thinking of Sophie and trying my best to contain my tears as I watch our new friend, Dide Karaboga, dancing her heart out at Chelsea High School on Sunday…..

  • Diane Durance says:

    I was in Ann Arbor on the 8th to close on the sale of our farm in Manchester. I thought of you and Sophie throughout the weekend. Feeling the cold winter temperatures, seeing posters for the Chelsea Nutcracker performances, and hearing the music in stores, restaurants, and even on the streets really brought back memories. I kept thinking of the Logins and Messina song, Watching the River Run…”further and further from things that we’ve done, leaving them one by one.” I’m definitely feeling the loses this season and really looking forward to visiting you in Austin in the spring to create new memories. Love to you, Michael and Max