54 Months: Dec 8, 2018

By December 8, 2018 July 19th, 2019 Journey

“Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.”


It is the season of expectations.  How easy it is to let ourselves down through the setting of expectations that may never be met.  Yet, how easy it is to retreat from the world by convincing ourselves that grief exempts us from expectations.  This year, after 54 months of being confounded by expectations, I will remove the shoes and instead allow myself to dream.  For it is in following our dreams that we free ourselves from reaching them and instead inspire ourselves to follow them. May you find the strength to dream.

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  • Mickey Katz-Pek says:

    Love you – and your words of wisdom. Is this a photo from Rancho? It looks so ‘familiar’…..

    • Lisa M. Kurek says:

      Thank you! And you are correct – I escaped to the Ranch last month to find my calm before the season arrived. May yours be joyous.