78 Months: Dec 8, 2020

By December 8, 2020 Journey

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”


This year I am knitting ornament covers.  It is a simple, repetitive task but it enables my mind to stop the swirling of life’s current upheavals. It takes just enough focus to distract my brain for a while, and when my needles stop my brain is always that much calmer. As I navigate the 78th month of life without my daughter, in a year that has presented its own inconceivable challenges, knitting ornaments is a double gift, for not only do my unsuspecting friends and family get gifted yet another ornament, I give myself the gift of time. Time to reset. Time to recharge. Time to let the swirling of the world fade for just a bit. May we all find time this season to let the chaos go on holiday, even if only for the time it takes to knit an ornament.

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  • Janie Cook says:

    Dear Beautiful Friend, I loved seeing you the other night even if it was on my computer. And I love your writing about knitting ornament covers . . . as if they get cold ! I love it !!! I thought of Sophie the other night when I saw you and heard you remembering her with your candlelight. I feel like I know who she was and what a bright light she was for everyone who knew her. Thank you for your tender musings. They resonate so calmly in my heart. ❤️Love you !!! janie

  • Shelley says:

    Oh, Lisa, thank you, this is another beautiful musing. Janie’s comments say it perfectly. While you are nurturing ornaments and giving to others, the love and warmth of your art is like a boomerang coming back to soothe your heart. I also love the way you (and Sophie) guide(s) us to give chaos a holiday. That’s a gentle reminder I hope to take into 2021. Love and hugs