Birthday: Feb 27, 2020

By February 27, 2020 Journey

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.”


All month, my body has been telling me what my mind has tried to ignore – that this day would be here soon.  It was a visceral reaction to the truth that no one wants to face – your child’s birthday when they are no longer living on this earth. There is no greater joy than to be able to acknowledge the day when a child enters your life. And there is no greater sorrow than to endure the fact that they are gone. To my family and friends who have tolerated my most horrible behavior this month – I thank you deeply.  To my daughter whose birthday we honor today – I will never stop celebrating you. I have lived for the past 29 years with you in my heart and soul, and on this day I will do my best to let the sorrow and joy overtake me with grace and gratitude.

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