120 Months: Jun 8, 2024

By June 8, 2024 Journey

“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” ”


How do you measure time? In days? (3653) In uncelebrated birthdays? (10) In imaginary phone calls? (3000 +/-) In unrealized dreams? (infinity) To live for 3653 days without you seems inconceivable.  To watch 10 birthdays pass with no candles defies reason.  To sit by the phone thousands of times knowing it won’t ring brings new meaning to the word speechless. To contemplate your unrealized dreams means acknowledging that the passion and joy that you brought to everything you dreamed of accomplishing would never happen. The irony of time is that there is no way to measure how long you’ve been gone. It is always just one more day without you here. Yet it is also one more day where your memory fills the hearts and souls of so many who loved you. It is one more day to remember to be grateful that you lived.

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  • Diane Durance says:

    Dear Lisa, Thinking of you, Michael, and Max on this day — June 8, 2024. Remembering Sophie and wishing you peace and strength as you love her, miss holding her close and hearing her voice, and keep her forever in your hearts. Love, Diane

  • The light of love shines for all of eternity 💞
    Sophie remains with you 💞

  • Mary Waldron says:

    Sooooo many.
    She made an impact in her all too short life.
    I know I am forever grateful my daughter knew her when my daughter was oh so impressionable. What better example of hard work, renegade spirit and kindness could Leslie have had. 💜