39 Months: Sep 8, 2017

By September 8, 2017 July 19th, 2019 Journey

“Do you not know that a [woman] is not dead while [her] name is still spoken?”


I speak your name every day.  I speak it out loud. I speak it in my dreams. I speak it in my heart.  This month, a community of voices will speak your name while they dance in your memory.  Other voices who hold your spirit in their hearts speak your name when dragonflies dance. You are forever alive, for we will all forever speak your name.

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  • Wendi DuBois says:

    I cannot tell you how often I think of Sophie. Her name is always spoken in the studio. Her photo is placed where everyone can see her. I share “Sophie” stories frequently with my students. She will remain a part of Ballet Chelsea forever and she will always hold a special place in my heart. She is a soul and a spirt who will never be forgotten. She will not only remain alive because her name is spoken, she will remain alive because she continues to influence all of us, for the better.